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For the person who has everything, except a comfortable way to carry it all

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HOw To - convert the wide wing strap:

The patented Litty Bird Wide Wing Strap can be worn in many ways:

1. Cross-body by clipping each end of the strap to any bag with strap rings

2. On one shoulder by sliding the rectangular ring to the center of the strap and clipping that ring to one end of the bag* and the two clips to the other end

3. As a backpack when paired with the Litty Bird Dinah Tote by clipping the rectangular ring to one of the center clips inside the Tote and then clipping each end of the strap to the lower rectangular rings on the outside of the Dinah Tote (when in folded position)

Need a little extra length? *Need to clip one shoulder to a standard bag?
Grab your Keychain Extender!


The patented Litty Bird Dinah Tote is two bags in one:

1. Folded in half and clipped to the outside rings (currently shipped this way)

2. Expanded to nearly twice the size by unclipping from the outside rings and unfolding to full size (just clip your strap to the rings now on top!)

The clips inside add versatility to your tote, so you can clip your keys, umbrella, or any accessories for easy access! The entire bag is water resistant and vinyl lined.


Litty Bird Intro


Original iFundWomen Crowd Funding Full Video

In Summer of 2018, Litty Bird launched with a crowd funding campaign on iFundWomen to support the first round of production at the factory. We beat our $15K goal and successfully produced the first run, now on sale at!