The Wide Strap Revolution

Wide Straps are trending. You know we are on board!

The New York Times wrote up the brand Salt Strap as part of the “The New Mom Uniform of Park Slope” and we were thrilled to see that others have as big an appreciation as we do for wide straps. While The Cut responded with some snark about the quite high price tag, there was no question from many of the commenters at The Cut about why a wide strap would be essential to anyone with a bag.

Izzy Grinspan, Senior Editor of New York Magazine, even said “I mean … this is mom fashion, and moms have bad backs. The nice thing about a wide strap is that it doesn’t dig into your back like a skinny strap.”

Izzy, we couldn’t agree more!

The Litty Bird Wide Wing strap was made to prevent digging, while also distributing the weight of a bag across the body, so it’s ergonomically comfortable while being detachable and interchangeable. The fabrics are beautiful and can be clipped to any bag that has a detachable strap. AND it can even be quickly converted into a shoulder bag strap. All for under $50!