Why birds (and especially Herons) mean so much to my family

Before I tell you the story of trying to name this business, I need to go a little deep and tell you about why herons have a special place in our hearts...

Herons have a lot of meaning in my little family. We were struggling to get pregnant and had embarked on fertility treatments. A few months in and I was finally told "you may be pregnant" by the fertility clinic. I laughed at the idea that someone could be "maybe pregnant" but they were serious. My numbers showed that something was going on but they were lower than they should have been at that point and they didn't know if the pregnancy would be viable. I went back for testing every few days for two very long weeks. Numbers were climbing but they still didn't feel confident enough to say it looked good. Finally, as the end of week two approached, they sent me into the test with a goal: "If your numbers are over (this) level, we can say officially that it looks good at this stage."

Michael and I cautiously hugged that morning and he went to work and I to the blood test. On Mike's way, while waiting on the train platform, a heron flew right by him. We had routinely seen herons throughout our relationship and our honeymoon and shared an affinity for birds, especially these graceful terradactyls. So he called me up and told me that he thought it was a good omen.

I drove up to a testing center on my way to work and sat for yet another blood test. Then, as I was departing the parking lot in my car, I looked up and what did I see?

A heron flew right over head.

Eight long hours later, my phone rings and, sure enough, those herons were in fact great omens. It was nearly three years ago today that we celebrated the fact that we were finally going to have a baby.

And nearly two and a half years ago that our little Hudson made us a family of three.

Hudson montage.jpg
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