From Ideal to Real: Part 1 - Inspiration at 3am

After a year of the idea tickling my brain, I finally was inspired to make the idea a reality when I was wide awake at 3am after an amazing family trip to Alaska that left me very happy but also very jet lagged. (It is so true that boredom is the best space for ideas to present themselves.)

I realized I had a few needs from a new bag:

#1: Customizable. I have a bunch of bags that match certain outfits and work for different functions, but I'm always changing them out, leaving various things in the old bag that I invariably wind up needing.

#2: Convenient. I always hook my keys, wristlet, hair ties, and umbrellas to my bags with various rigged carabiners (see photo of my old bag below). Could that be part of the design?

#3: Comfortable! My shoulders were constantly hurting from lugging around heavy bags, and cross body bags helped a bit but cut into my neck and were never really comfortable.

Was there a bag that could satisfy all these asks?

As it turned out... no.

So I set out to make one.

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The old "clip it all on and make it work" bag