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Who We Are


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Origin Story.

One day I was rushing to the train and my laptop strap broke. I cursed my luck, but found a scarf in my purse, tied it on, and made the train just in time. 

As it turned out, my rigged strap was incredibly comfortable; it stayed put and didn't dig, while also making the heavy laptop feel light. When I got to the train, two women stopped me to compliment me on my “very pretty bag” and asked where I bought it. I laughed as I explained that I had rigged it just a few moments before out of desperation…

And the idea was born.

These Made in the USA, patent pending designs are a line of bags and straps made for the active person who is tired of their bag falling off their shoulder, cutting into their neck, and causing them pain. The bags and straps are designed to quickly change to fit your needs on the go: From a shoulder bag to a cross-body to a backpack and from a handbag to a tote in seconds. These bags conveniently put everything in quick reach, allow for the handles to be changed out to different fabrics, and are so comfortable you will forget you are carrying your entire life in your bag.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!


What's in a name?

My Grandmother, Melitta, was "Grandma Litty" to me. She came to the US from Austria during the war at the age of 11. She and her mother were permitted into America, but her father didn't have the same fortune due to the quota for his particular country of birth. He had to spend many years in Cuba where he wasn't allowed to work. So my strong as nails great grandmother, previously a business owner, took on jobs as a domestic employee to make sure she could provide for her family.

They got out just in time. Grandma Litty didn't talk much about their departure, but it was part of the fabric that made her the woman I came to know when I spent every weekend with her and my Grandfather while my parents launched a business.

By that time, my Grandfather, Bernard (Bernie/Axel) had retired and was dabbling in sculpture. Another great influence on my life, there was nothing my super hero "Grampa Axel" couldn't do. He was an inventor and artist at heart and with a scientific mind, he taught me to never stop exploring, inventing, and discovering.

My Grandmother was wrapping up her life dedicated to nursing when I came along. Her first job out of nursing school was with the Margaret Sanger Institute: teaching women the importance of birth control. She had survived breast cancer in her 30s and the radical treatment that existed at that time. She was a super star of a woman and an incredible influence on my life, not to mention an inspiration to women everywhere.

Together, my grandparents showed me a world filled with art, nature, food, and humor. They were both tenacious people who loved each other, and their families, fiercely. They appreciated the world around them and inspired us to take our own paths, stand up for our beliefs, appreciate nature, and to laugh often.

This is for them. Motivated by them. And would have been encouraged by them.

I bring you: